Tips to reduce your exposure to BPA and BPS in receipts:

  1. Tell Canada ban these harmful chemicals from receipts today. Take action here!
  2. Say NO to receipts! If you don’t need it, don’t take it. Or ask for an e-receipt.
  3. If you need the receipt, fold the receipt with the print/glossy side in and hold it from the backside. The back of the receipt is unlikely coated with BPA and BPS.
  4. After handling a receipt, wash your hands thoroughly, especially before eating.
  5. Do not use hand sanitizers or lotions before or after handling receipts.
  6. Ask your favourite retailers to switch to e-receipts or non-bisphenol receipts.

Don’t forget to throw receipts in the trash! Receipts should not be recycled as the BPA/BPS coating ends up contaminating the recycling stream and ends up in our cardboard pizza boxes, tissue paper and other paper products made from recycled content.