Dr. Gautier on Cancer

A Better Cancer Detox

By Dr. Gary Gautier

Without a doubt, the most life threatening disease of our era is cancer. The World Health Organization projects that in 2010 more people will die of cancer globally than any other disease, including heart disease and stroke (http://newsroom.lilly.com/releasedetail.cfm?releaseid=511841). The number of new cases will increase and multiply in the following generations to come, and here is why. 

Everyone has cancer! The only question is what will we die of first, heart disease, complications to diabetes, or cancer. 

The sad thing about this fact is that this does not have to happen. Cancer is a man-made disease, as are most other diseases out there. As you will see, cancer, like most every disease, is the result of eating, drinking, breathing and absorbing amounts of numerous chemicals and substances. This has altered man in many ways. These substances find their way into our body by way of what we drink, eat, breathe, and apply to our skin.

The best example of this is that every person who has cancer is highly acidic to the extent and duration of having unknowingly allowed cancer cells to affect the DNA of normal cells. Simply put, a chronically acidic body allows its DNA to be altered, torn or broken. Cancer develops and spreads to injury to the DNA of specific cells in our bodies. We are continually bombarded with exposure to many chemicals and inhalants which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Tumors result from a series of rearrangements, breaks, and changes in information coded in the DNA of damaged cells. 

This process happens all day, every day, to each and every one of us, perhaps hundreds or thousands of times per day. With so much of our genetic material being injured by foreign material such as chemicals or by toxic environments, we are unable to heal quickly enough to slow down or stop this process, unless we take serious health precautions and procedures into your own hands. This you can easily do! 

The multiple factors that actually cause cancer are driven both internally and externally. They range from chemicals like food additives in most things we eat and drink, absorption of chemicals in most of all the products we apply to our bodies, environmental inhalants such as smog from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and factories; run off chemicals which seep into our community waters (streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans) and into tap water itself (which is extremely unhealthy and toxic); prescription and nonprescription drugs, especially vaccines (highly toxic and dangerous in most cases); chronic stress and genetic predispositions to the extent where the body can no longer defend itself from this myriad of abnormal effects on the body, this weakening the defense system and causing breakage in the DNA.

There are too many studies to mention that will support the overwhelming evidence that vaccines do not work and never have. You can continue to believe the hype but be forewarned about the dangers to which you and your family will be exposed for the rest of your life. The fact is and always has been that these vaccines containing a toxic batch of chemicals such as mercury (thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde, and foreign antigens. They also contain simian virus-40 (SV-40) and other dangerous viruses that cause malignancies and it has now been identified in 43% of cases of non hodgkin’s lymphoma, 36% of brain tumors, 18% of healthy blood samples, and 22% of healthy semen samples, mesothelioma and other malignancies. By the time of this discovery SV40 had already been injected into 10,000,000 people in Salk vaccine (Vilchez RA et al, Association between simian virus 40 and non-Hodgkins lymphoma Lancet 2002 Mar 9; 359 (9309):817-823). All these severe health problems occurred because the vaccine pool is contaminated as a result of careless animal isolation techniques. 

According to Indiana physician Dr. W.B. Clarke, “in the early 1900s cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person” (Why you should avoid taking vaccines, by Dr. James Howenstein, M.D., Newswithviews.com, December 7, 2003).

According to the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted, author of THE CHINA STUDY, T. Colin Campbell, PhD., showed how mice that ate a diet comprised of 20% animal protein died of cancer at a rate of 100% of the cases. However, mice that were fed 5% diet of animal protein had zero (0) rate of cancer! He noticed that the mixed function oxidase enzyme in the liver actually could be turned off and on simply by manipulating the amount of animal protein eaten. He also noticed that this highly impaired the immune system. 

However, there are other factors which also play a significant part in not only cancer but every other disease known to man.

Excerpt from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” pg 191/3



Solar radiation in the form of both ultraviolet-B and ultraviolet-C radiation is a contributing factor for cancer. This is partially due to a larger hole in earth’s atmosphere at the ozone layer, which allows more ultraviolet radiation to harm our body at a greater rate. Remember, sunlight absorption is essential to good health for the natural process of Vitamin-D and without it you will increase sickness; however, be sure to limit your dose to 20 minutes (lighter skin) to 45 minutes (darker skin) per day and slowly build up to this level, daily. Please keep in mind that this contributing factor toward cancer is directly associated with ozone layer depletion and weakened state of health (especially excessive levels of acid in the blood and tissues), allowing this factor of exposure to the sun and every other factor listed below to affect the body. pg193


The links between cancer and electromagnetic fields of frequencies (EMF) are rather obvious at present. Most electrical currents create positive EMFs that affect the body on a continuous basis include: TV, radio, coffee makers, digital clocks, lights, electrical plugs, home and office wiring, hair dryers, cell phones, computers and especially monitors, microwave ovens (dangerous and carcinogenic devices), electrical poles and their electrical lines and many others. The problem is that the volume of electromagnetic frequencies has risen so significantly, bombarding us with more stress. We can not perceive these frequencies very easily but nevertheless they do continue to negatively affect the body by increasing our stress levels. You see, the amount of cellular fatigue on our bodies leaves us incapable of handling the higher frequencies emitted from the electrical currents and devices noted above. The normal frequencies in the human brain during waking hours if 8 to 22 cycles per second, while the bodies frequencies during sleep are as low as 2 cycles per second. This does not compare with the 60 cycles per second

of the alternating current running through the electrical circuits in the average home in the USA. The electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the electrical devices noted above are elevated compared to frequencies in the human body. This creates additional stress and raises its normal functioning frequency. What you need to understand from all of this is that there are good EMFs and bad EMFs. Understand how to strengthen the body with negative frequencies emitted by magnets (negative side of magnet) and how to decrease stress to the body by avoiding positive EMFs (positive side of magnets). All the devices noted above and many more emit positive magnetic frequencies, as is the case with the positive side of the magnets. Learn how to offset this and reverse the biochemical process, as described earlier in this book. pg194


Emissions from medical diagnostic x-rays, television and computer monitors, fluorescent lights and cell phones are some of the most typical forms of ionizing radiation. They can actually lead to a gene mutation, as do many chemicals. Again, these are forms of positive EMFs that harm the body and accumulate over time. pg194/5


Nuclear power plants release radioactive gases strongly associated with cancer. Research has shown that regardless of what the U.S. Dept of Energy says, any amount of these gases is dangerous and there is irrefutable evidence of this from Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine and Belarus. pg195


This is found in business offices where the ventilation does not properly expel the toxic germs in the building, thus thoroughly spreading a host of illness into the environment. Aso carpets, particle board desks and furniture, glues from carpets, wood flooring, press board/particle board, paints, radon, formaldehyde, perfumes, chemical sprays including hair spray, copy machine toners or any other chemicals for cleaning the toilets, floors, walls or kitchen. Most all these chemicals are very dangerous and should never be used, unless it’s unavoidable. Many “green” products do exist and can be found in your local health food stores. 195


Too many highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals emitted by most large corporations. The health effects from these chemicals are very dangerous and are also associated with cancer. This category also includes automobile, motorcycle, bus and truck smog, which is very toxic and contains hundreds of toxic chemicals highly associated with poor health care and cancer. 195


Much controversy surrounds the subject of organic versus conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables for which neither side will agree. I can tell you that I have always sought out the organic produce, primarily because it is a healthier product. With organics you avoid pesticides, which is what is sprayed onto plants to get rid of bugs in conventional farming practices, and you have herbicides, which are used in the soil, also to keep the bugs, fungus, and microbes from damaging them. This whole process was flawed from the beginning because it causes exposures to chemicals from herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides ending up in and on the plants that we eventually eat. Yes, only a small amount is applied, but the fact is that chemicals are toxic in any amount, and it adds up and is directly associated with cancer. It makes no sense to use poisons on our foods and then eat them! 195/6


Tap water is associated with cancer as is anything else. Our public water systems treat the water we use on a daily basis that is contaminated with many toxic materials such as pesticide/ herbicide runoff, lead, copper, radioactive particles, chemical residues, industrial wastes and the list goes on and on. Chlorinated drinking water is very toxic to the body. This is the water that we drink, shower/bathe with and use with our food, and it is highly linked to cancer. Always use a whole house filter, as this will completely protect you from the toxins noted above. Research has shown that fluorine, a derivative of fluoride, not only slows DNA repair but also helps break DNA bonds, which causes cancer. This very poisonous substance is only second to arsenic in toxicity and has been added to water for drinking in both home and commercial use. It is also used in toothpaste worldwide for some 50 years, apparently to fight cavities, but never have I seen good research to show how this type of mass treatment by way of toothpaste offsets the toxicity of fluoride to the human body. This was done to prevent cavities, yet we still have millions of new cavity cases each year, and the reason is not because you do not have enough of this toxic chemical in your body. Go figure! Pg 196


The biggest scam ever to our culture was for the Government to allow additives into our food system; however money, has a way of making many things happen. We have thousands of chemical additives in our food supply daily, yet none of them should be consumed. Everything from Blue Dye #2, Red Dye #3, MSG (monosodium glutamate), butylated hydroxytoluene to artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, Splenda and cyclamates to tannic acids in wines and fruits, and the list goes on. All of these substances are associated with cancer and many other illnesses and diseases. If you can’t find it fresh and organic then don’t eat it! Prepare your own fresh and natural foods daily! Pg 196/7


This is by far and away another major problem with every single person on earth. The very reason for illness and disease starts here. Graying hair, rough and wrinkled skin, spots, colors, and irregularities on the skin and face, muscle atrophy, and just about every disease you can imagine is linked to lack of vitamins and minerals. It has been said that more than half of all cancer patients is due to not eating nutritiously. Pg 197


The single largest contributor to cancer is smoking of cigarettes or the use of tobacco. Thousands of chemicals in tobacco are discharged by this type of smoking. Carbon monoxide is inhaled and delivered to every tissue and cell in the body, greatly reducing the amount of oxygen in the body. Tar and nicotine are highly toxic and lead to cancer. Second hand smoke also damages the health of all those in contact with the smoke too! So you may think its cool to do now but eventually you will pay the price-believe me, it’s not cool if you have cancer! Pg 197


Oral contraceptives in the form of “the pill,” hormone therapy, and hormone replacement therapy for the postmenopausal are all associated with cancer.  Pg 197


These are currently used to stop or eradicate cancerous cells in the body, yet in my opinion, they have completely failed at fighting the cancer problem. The drugs often used along with radiation have frequently stopped or killed cancerous cell growth, but at what cost? They cause substantial immune-suppression, further increasing body’s susceptibilities to cancer. If God had intended us to have chemo-chemicals within us, he would have put it in food or allowed our body to make it. Chemotherapy is part of the very reason we have cancer, yet this is all that the medical establishment knows, so it is what they push. Same goes with most all the medications used on a daily basis. It is highly acidic with disastrous side effects and sometimes even leads to death! Pg 198


As related above in this chapter I noted the serious problems with vaccinations of any type. Not only do they lower your immune system but they are also directly associated with cancer and autoimmune disease. In my opinion, this is one of the craziest things you can do to yourself, your children or your family. Pg 198


These are all associated with immune suppression, which is linked to cancer. That is not to say that if you take an aspirin that you will get cancer, but it is one of many ways to weaken the immune system in such a way as to allow the cancer process to attack you more rapidly. Pg 198


While achieving longer shelf life for food products by eradicating insects, mold, fungi, and bacteria from the food or liquids through this process, toxic by-products associated with cancer such as benzene and formaldehyde are formed, just to name a few. Pg 198


Microwave ovens are highly carcinogenic (cancer causing) machines, something about which the public is completely unaware. I rank it close to cigarettes as to how potentially unhealthy they are for your body. Within seconds of using the microwave on your food or water, your original material of food or liquid has changed molecularly, due to the heat given off by the machine. Microwaves travel at the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second. This speed gives off a substantial amount of heat immediately via radio waves. The material, food or liquid you have just “nuked” with the microwave has now changed it’s form molecularly. It has now become carcinogenic. You can test this water by using microwave-treated water on any plant and they will die within days. This form of heating is very dangerous, but it will take time to see the effects on the body Just know that it is only linked to cancer but is highly carcinogenic as well. Never ever use it! Pg 199


Tooth decay is thought to be a basic part of your dental health, but little thought is given to the toxicity of the silver amalgam in the metal to patch or fill the cavity (caries) in your teeth. This amalgam is silver mixed with mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal. This material can immediately and continuously be scraped or worn off into the body and is highly toxic. It will stay with you and help create many sicknesses. It is also linked to cancer. Also understand that when a tooth is infected, inflamed or injured, it will put a block of energy along the meridian points that flow throughout the body. However, this infectious process will create a damaging effect to other tissues and organs of the body, which is also associated with cancer. It is estimated that there are 100 tons of silver amalgam in the mouths of Americans alone! Some dentists specialize in the safe removal of these toxic fillings. A product is also available to deal specifically with silver mercury dental amalgam fillings which binds and eliminates mercury vapor. Pg 199 


Choices we make when we eat food and drink can have a very toxic effect on our body. The foods we choose and the way we combine food all directly affect our health. We become plugged, clogged and diseased as a result of many of these choices. Our waste elimination processes are no longer efficient, allowing time for these toxic microorganisms to rot and adversely affect you because it sits there in your intestines and fails to exit properly. Our ability to assimilate the vitamins and nutrients we need is no longer effective. In short, we are becoming sicker from the inside out. In fact, this very process is thought to be the initial steps leading to cancer and disease. Mixing food improperly, increased use of dairy products, including eggs and meat, white flour and most sugars will create a sticky mucus lining in the intestines, causing mal-absorption of essential nutrients and exacerbating and imbalance to the healthy flora necessary for good health. The chlorine and fluorine in public/tap water also helps destroy the good flora in the intestines. As I stated in an earlier chapter, this type of poor intestinal health will breed yeast, fungi, parasites and bacteria, which will contaminate the intestines and initiate the disease process associated with poor health and acidic blood and tissues rapidly and become a chronic issue of failing health, thus harming and depressing the immune system. Viral infections also associated carcinogens including Epstein-Barr virus, mononucleosis, human papillomavirus, and hepatitis-B, to name a few. Pg 200 


Most of our major organs suffer a chronic inflammation process that becomes toxic unless we undergo a detoxification process to counteract the damage. This is especially true with the liver. The liver becomes overburdened and bombarded with excessive toxic waste, creating inflammation and weakness thus debilitating the entire body and making it ill and prone to cancer. It is hard to say which organs will weaken and ail first, but it is usually the liver, pancreas, colon, stomach, ovaries, uterus, prostate and breasts, which are all close enough to each other to allow cancer to spread very easily among them within the thoracic cavity area. Remember, once the liver is overloaded and becomes debilitated or ill, the process of cancer spreading through the body may be quickened. This process is always the same regardless of the type of cancer. Pg 200/201


This is caused when unstable molecules take electrons from other molecules, causing oxidation to the molecule and allowing good cells to be negatively affected by these free radicals. They are generated by immune responses, energy production, fat metabolism, detoxification, excessive sun exposure, tobacco smoke, industrial pollution of all kinds, excessive exercise, particularly maladaptive food, chemical and inhalant reactions. However, as these free-radicals accumulate to excess, they lead to cancer and other degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are the body’s natural free radical scavenger, a powerful fighter against these harmful free-radicals. The problem is that most people have low levels of antioxidants, which sets in motion a process that paves the way for cancer progress. The whole purpose of this book is to prevent this process from happening by showing you the most useful ways to stay healthy and also how to reverse these processes once they have already started. Pg 201


This is a theory postulated by researchers according to which certain types of genes may create mutations in individuals with particular types of cancer. This theory is not very likely or common, in my opinion. However, I am sure it is possible, but only to a lesser degree. The reason for this opinion is that, after reading the above reasons for cancer, is that it is evidently man made, meaning that we have affected our environment in such a way that it has a detrimental effect on our bodies. So, although genetic predisposition is real, it is very slight and I believe that it is more associated with families all doing the same wrong things regarding what they eat, how they eat it and their choices in foods, drinks, and use of other products that they consume, which are similar or the same. Also many families have a predisposition to environmental factors such as working around chemicals, coal, freeways, industrial areas and living around them as well. Use this book to learn how to break those family customs. Pg 201

Excerpts from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever”

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