A Better Cancer Detox

By Dr Gary Gautier


MAGNETS AND THEIR APPLICATION are by far, one of the most helpful yet also the most widely misunderstood natural resources for health and wellness in the world, though they have been in use since 2000 B.C. Administering magnetism was becoming more acceptable in the US after WW2, but there was a major push for mass treatment with medications and antibiotics. This, in my opinion, marked the beginning of the end for health and longevity. 

Researchers and Scientists already agree we live in a very stressful culture. The voltage of an electrical current inside the USA is 60 cycles per second. In contrast, however, the normal frequencies of the brain during waking hours range from between 8 to 22 cycles per second. During sleep, the frequency may drop to as low as 2 cycles per second, but it can be affected by higher frequency electrical currents present in the home or office generated by cellular or portable phones, chargers, wireless devices, TVs, radios, stereos, hair dryers, coffee makers, microwaves, ovens, computers, and all the tiny motors used in appliances. All magnetic fields propagated by this electricity certainly disturb the brain’s natural resonant frequencies and, in time, lead to cellular fatigue, according to John Zimmerman, PhD. 

In 1979, Nancy Wertheimer, PhD., an epidemiologist at the University of Colorado, found that there was a statistical significant increase in childhood cancer among those who were exposed to electromagnetic fields generated by the alternating current (AC) in the electrical power lines running along many city streets. Ten years later, a larger scale study conducted by the New York State Department of Health confirmed Dr. Wertheimer’s findings and added that the AC also affected neuron-hormones of the brain. In 1988, Dr. Marjorie Speers, PhD., at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas discovered that workers exposed to electromagnetic fields exhibited a thirteenfold increase in brain tumors compared to an unexposed group. Other studies reveal increased rates of suicide, depression, chromosomal abnormalities, and learning difficulties. Dr. Wertheimer also found a high incidence of miscarriages from the use of electric blankets alone. Imagine all the other EMFs that constantly surround us, affecting pregnant women and babies, especially. Dr. Zimmerman believes that these subtle yet profound effects on our bodies may include alteration of gene expression, immune function, viral pathogenesis, and future genetic tendencies. 

There is a pressing need for us to shield ourselves from these imperceptible EMFs due to the enormous amounts of stress they induce. The effects of EMFs are very health threatening because they relentlessly lower our immune defenses all day long. Basically, you need to know that all magnetic frequencies have positive fields (which are harmful) and negative fields (which are helpful). Be very aware that all the harmful EMFs that virtually surround us all day, every day, give off substantial stress and weakens the body through the so-called “stress phenomenon”. It is a fact that POSITIVE MAGNETIC FIELDS are emitted from TVs, radios, stereos, computers/monitors, coffee makers, hair dryers, electrical digital clocks, cell phones, chargers for cell phones and portable landline phones, wireless devices (especially bluetooth), overhead lights, electrical currents, high voltage wires-in short, all electrical devices. 

The reason for the stress and harm to our body is simple. As noted above, our brains generally function at a normal frequency during waking hours (between 8 to 22 cycles per second) and at frequencies as low as 2 cycles per second during sleeping hours. Also, homes and offices run at an electrical frequency of 60 cycles per second. All electrical devices surrounding us all day, every day, emit higher frequencies than the body can safely handle. This means that the more EMFs you absorb, the more it accumulates, speeding up electrical activity of the brain. These negative stresses on the body take their toll as they build up the amount of acid within cells. But in this mess there is some good news.


This is the use of MAGNETICS. The body already has its own magnetic field inside, but the body is almost always overstressed, compromised, and not able to fully use its own defenses to fight sickness and eliminate symptoms and causes of chronic illness.

According to Wolfgang Ludwig, Sc,D., Ph.D., Director of the Institute of Biophysics in Horb, Germany, “Magnetic Field therapy is a method that penetrates the whole human body and can treat every organ without chemical side effects.” It has been effective at treating many conditions, including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, infection, inflammation, headaches (including migraines), insomnia and other sleep disorders, circulatory problems, fractures, pain, and environmental illness. It can be used to counterbalance the electromagnetic pollution in the environment. 

However, I do not see the use of magnets as a specific treatment, but I prefer that use of magnets as an adjunct to the whole body approach, using all of God’s wonderful resources together with natural, live plant based whole foods. I use these methods on a daily basis and would expect you to do the same for good health, not just today but for a lifetime!

The duration of use for such devices can range from minutes to overnight, for days or even weeks or months. Magnets can be applied to the affected area of the body or the entire body. Results from the use of magnets can be quite dramatic and helpful in speeding up the rate at which your body changes from its acidic state to an alkaline condition. Negative magnetic fields heal by alleviating common disease factors at the cellular level. They alkalize tissues and revert oxygen from its bound state back to its molecular state. By returning tissue to a normal healthy state, a negative magnetic field governs energy, recovery, relieves inflammation, swelling, and other symptoms, accelerating the healing process. 

The physiological effects of Negative Magnetic Fields:

-Normalize pH (alkaline)


-Reduces symptoms

-Reduces pain and inflammation

-Resolves cellular adema

-Inhibits microorganisms replication and slows infection

-Governs rest, relaxation, and sleep

-Eliminates free radicals

Clears metabolically-produced toxins from the body

-Induces anabolic hormone production-melatonin and growth hormone

-Slows down the electrical activity of the brain


The physiological effects of Positive Magnetic Fields:

-Produces acid

-Produces oxygen deficit

-Exacerbates existing symptoms 

-Increases pain and inflammation

-Induces cellular edema

-Accelerates microorganisms replication and speeds up infection 

-Governs wakefulness and action

-Produces free radicals

-Produces toxic byproducts of metabolism

-Induces catabolic hormone production

-Speeds up electrical activity of the brain

The application of magnets can be done in a wide variety of ways and can involve devices ranging in size from small, simple magnets to larger magnets made of ceramic or flex pads in applications of wrapping a body surface. 

Magnets come in certain gauss strengths, indicating how much magnetic field pull or strength they have. One gauss=twice the earth’s magnetic pull. It is recommended to use gauss strengths of 25 or higher for therapeutic uses; however, 800 to 3950- gauss are more common with sick people who have more serious situations, needing rapid reversal of acidosis in the cell and tissue of the body. When applying a magnet to a particular area of the body, keep in mind, the magnet must be larger than the area affected. So if pain is in the thigh then you cannot use a 2 inch magnet and will need to wrap the thigh with the appropriate magnet(s) so that it is totally covered. You can also stack these magnets to allow even more gauss strength to the area. 

Please understand that I am not telling you magnets will cure you or prevent certain sickness. I do not suggest a treatment for these conditions, but rather, the use of magnets as an adjunct to all the methods available to us.

The conditions below deal with acidic conditions. You must change the pH of your body from acid to alkaline, to give it a chance to fight all sickness and disease. These very methods of live plant-based, whole foods, and magnets are similar methods aimed at accomplishing the same goal, i.e., changing the body’s pH from acid to alkaline. I am sorry to say that there are no treatments and cures for the conditions listed below, or for all of the many not mentioned. You will never be healthy without applying God’s law of natural healing from within. He and his natural methods are the only way you can be healthy!

-Addictions, including food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and caffeine

-Alzheimer’s disease


-Chronic fatigue syndrome/ fibromyalgia including symptoms of allergies, anxiety, brain fog and confusion, cough, decreased appetite, depression, digestive disorders, dizziness, dry eyes and mouth, general stiffness, headaches, immune dysfunction, increased thirst, irritability, joint and muscle pain, low body temperature, low grade fever, memory loss, multiple infections (bacterial, viral, parasitical, fungal), muscle weakness, nausea, night sweats, nutritional deficiencies, PMS, poor circulation, prolonged fatigue after exertion, psychological and emotional factors, rashes, recurring infections, severe fatigue, sleep problems, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, thyroid and hormonal problems, visual blurring


-Environmental illness due to EMFs, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, tap water, mercury amalgam dental fillings, food additives, parasites, genetically altered foods, smog or combustible vehicle emissions, microwave, homogenization, vaccination, pasteurization, fluoride, household sprays, paints, cleaners and solvents and many more

-Eye disorders including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration

-Gastrointestinal problems including colitis, constipation, diverticulitis, parasites, hiatal hernia, indigestion, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome

-Heart disease including angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis of the heart and arteriosclerosis of the leg (with aneurysm) and cerebral arteriosclerosis, cardiac pain and irregularity, congestive heart failure, heart arrhythmia, and high blood pressure

-Infections of any microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasites

-Inflammation such as pain, swelling, redness, tenderness and disturbed tissue

-Mens health problems of prostate impotence (ED)

-Mental and emotional problems, including autism, emotional disorders, mental disorders, personality disorders, psychosis, psychotic depression, and though disorders

-Multiple sclerosis


-Respiratory problems, including bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, laryngitis, and lung infections


-Skin problems including boils, fever blisters, insect stings and bites, scalp infections, scars,sunburns, warts and moles

-Sleep disorders and insomnia

-Womens health problems including candidiasis (yeast infection), menstrual problems, menopausal discomforts, osteoporosis, and cystitis


Magnets draw on the body’s natural inherent resources to yield incredibly strong magnetic negative fields, which the body already has and uses constantly on a daily basis. However, when continually exposed everyday to the positive magnetic fields or EMFs, the body becomes overloaded with stress, acid, and metabolic waste; and sickens accordingly.

This theory regarding magnets is nothing new. It has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. However, the need to use magnets to help heal the body naturally seems more urgent now than ever. We have been indoctrinated into thinking that normal allopathic applications of medicine and surgery are not only correct, but the only choices available for getting well. This couldn’t be further from the truth! We are living in a society that has come to accept the prevalent conventional medical advice as being the best. Our Governments and cultures also lead us to believe that we can cure our body with synthetic drugs or even surgery. However, unless you are faced with a life or death emergency, it is plain to see that these procedures just do not work well and make no sense!

Magnets are an excellent alternative to the mainstream choices to which you have become accustomed. Your unfamiliarity with it, however, may mislead you into considering it a scam product designed just to turn a profit. Please do not let willful ignorance deter you from exploring this wonderful way of helping you heal yourself from within. Remember, magnetic fields have always played a role in the body’s efforts to heal itself. With the right knowledge you can jump start the natural healing process to combat your many problems through the use of magnets, specifically the application of negative magnetic fields to your body. What’s more, it’s inexpensive. 

Remember magnet therapy is not a cure. It is, however, a great and powerful alternative step toward healing your body naturally from within. This affords your body the opportunity to fight off the problems plaguing it. There are no claims being made that anything I have said will cure you of disease! Magnets will not cure you, but they will help you greatly in the process of changing your body’s overall state of acidity to alkalinity, I.E,. cells, tissues and organs. This affords you the best chance to successfully fight off all types of foreign invaders. 

Magnets are another natural resources which can help your body change its ability to rid the massive amounts of acid from each cell if done properly. There are many different types of magnets and applications for your benefit. Please see some of the more commonly used magnets below for which can help you on your way toward better health.


-EMF protection from all known sources of exposure (systemic/relaxation/sickness)

-Magnetic bed pads, pillow pads and pet pads (sleep/relaxation/systemic)

-Magnetic chair or car pads (systemic)

-Magnetic headbands (sleep/GH/addictions/depression)

-Magnetic eye shields (sleep/relaxation)

-Carpal tunnel, wrist, elbow, shoulder, arm, leg, thigh, knee, ankle, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, tape/patch adhesives and much more (pain, sickness)

Thanks to Dr. Philpott’s book for the use of such helpful information used here. For more information on magnetic therapy, please refer to this great book, entitled Magnetic Therapy by William H. Philpott, MD and Dwight K. Kalita, PhD., with Burton Goldberg. 

-Dr. Gary Gautier

Excerpt from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” pg 182/190


You must feed your body all the good, wonderfully blessed food available here on earth, as this is an essential part of getting more life force oxygen and nutrients into the blood, tissues and all the cells of your body. Just as food and water gives us this super source of oxygen, so does God’s natural magnets, which have been here on earth forever and were actually used successfully many years ago. 

Please don’t look at this as treatment or therapy because, as I have continually tried to tell you, there is not a cure or therapy for cancer or any disease but a simple use of as many natural resources as you can, such as magnets and plant based life forces, oxygen rich strengthening methods. 

Doctors don’t cure you, I can’t cure you and your treatments are a waste of time. What you need to stick with is to simply consume all natural life sustaining food, antioxidants, minerals, juices, clean air and water, apply magnets, stress reduction techniques, detox/cleansings ad use clean, safe, pure products applied to your body without chemicals and toxins. This should also include stretching, some exercise (rebounding) and massage. 

One of the quickest and most powerful ways to achieve high amounts of oxygenation in the human body is by applying high-powered magnets to the surface of the body. Just like healthy food and water, magnets have proven to be very effective for what they do best and that is to assist the body to produce instant and massive amounts of oxygen for the body’s cells. This process is accomplished by placing the correct type of high powered negative magnetic field against the body, causing an instant alkaline effect to all tissues, cells and organs in the applied field of exposure. This will allow the bicarbonate buffer system to maintain a healthy, normalizing state to the cell by way of the oxidoreductase enzyme, (free radical scavenger) which not only eliminates the acids including peroxides, alcohols and aldehydes, but also release oxygen (O2) instantaneously into the tissues and organs. By now, you should recognize  that cancer will not live in this environment, as it seeks and thrives only in an acid-hypoxic (high acid and low oxygen) state. So, this process of cleaning up the body at the cellular level will allow a new alkaline-hyperoxic (low acid and high oxygen) state to subsist and normalize the functions of these tissues, cells and organs. 

As with food, magnets actually function physiologically like antioxidants, generating free radical scavengers to actually change the body’s inner environment over to a negative ionic state of well-being. This brings alkalinity to the applicable area. The trick is to expose as much of the body as possible while also focusing on weakened areas of concern. 

Remember, as stated earlier in this book that a positive magnetic field will produce acid, which creates oxygen deficit; however you need to decrease the amount of acid and increase the amount of alkalinity! There are only very few instances when you will apply a positive magnetic field to or towards your body (always use the negative magnetic field or negative side of the magnet). I do not recommend ever using the positive side of the magnet on or toward your body without a qualified health care provider administering it, as this has potential dangers which we will discuss later in the chapter. However, this application of a positive side of the magnet is very dangerous in the case of cancer and other diseases. You should eliminate as much positive magnetic fields from your direct environment as possible. This is part of the electromagnetic pollution rampant in our daily lives. These EMFs are emitted from TV, radio, stereos, computers/monitors, coffee makers, hair dryers, electrical digital clocks, cell phones, portable phones and their chargers, wireless devices (especially bluetooth), overhead lights, electrical currents in the wiring of your home or office, high voltage wires in short, all electrical devices. Now, common sense should prevail when trying to accomplish this battle of man versus these man made enemies. 

Limit and minimize your exposure to these items listed above, trying to eliminate them from your usage. Always unplug and electrical device if possible. Try to eliminate your room or sleeping area of all these electrical devices and replace your AC powered digital clock with a battery activated clock. Keep the TV and computer, portable phones, and especially the chargers, out of your room including most all electrical devices. Always keep your bed (especially metal bed frames) and your body far away from the electrical plugs. 

 The next thing you need to do is use the negative magnetic fields of magnets to offset all exposure possible from these positive magnetic fields. They will also reverse and negate much of the accumulated effects from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your body. This can be accomplished in many ways; however, first you should be sleeping on a magnetic bed pad, which you simply put on your bed mattress and place the sheets over it. It is rather comfortable and you really do not notice any difference while lying on it, as your whole body is displaced on it. Also, when sitting at work or at your computer or watching television, you should also always sit on a magnetic chair pad also called a car seat pad. Again, these magnetic pads are lined with many very powerful magnets and are usually more comfortable than what they already use. The systematic use of these magnets is invaluable to your success in creating a stronger immune system, metabolically. 


-Dr. Gary Gautier

Excerpt From “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” pg 216/8

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