A Better Cancer Detox

Dr. Gary Gautier

There are many factors and reasons we are afflicted with cancer. However, the most logical theory, in my opinion, for the causation of cancer was set forth by Nobel Prize winning Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931, for his discovery that oxygen deficiency and the cell fermentation process was the pathway for cancer to not only survive but actually flourish in the body. He noted that normal cells can not live without oxygen; unlike cancer cells. When cells are deprived of oxygen they can actually revert to a primitive state whereby they use fermentation of blood sugar-glucose, which breaks down into lactic acid. This causes a pH imbalance in the blood and tissues, bringing about a high level of acid and a low level of alkalinity in the body. This whole cycle is the beginning of the end for all the sick and diseased persons, particularly with cancer. You see, cancer does not (and cannot) live in a healthy, alkaline state but seeks and flourishes in a highly acidic state in the blood and tissue. 

What we do know about cancer is that it breeds in acid-hypoxic conditions. This means that an acid pH and lack of oxygen causes cancer to grow and flourish. Now in saying this, it also stands to reason that cancer cannot live in an alkaline-hyperoxic environment, which means an alkaline pH and a high amount of available oxygen in and around cells, tissues, and blood. 

Our cells derive their life-sustaining energy biochemically via ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through oxidative phosphorylation, requiring oxygen. Cancer cells also need to make ATP to sustain life; however, as indicated by Dr. Otto Warburg, they use the biochemical process of fermentation phosphorylation, which occurs without oxygen in an acidic environment. This process breeds more and more acid (lactic acid), which accumulates in our cells, tissues, and blood. This simple but effective process of cancer spreading is basically the beginning of the end. Left unchecked and uncorrected, this process will slowly but effectively run amuck throughout the entire body, attacking the organs and tissues from within. This process goes unseen by patients and doctors alike until the dysfunction of these organs and tissues show signs of weakness and disease. Eventually those affected are diagnosed by the physician. This process could take many years to proliferate and until multi millions or billions of cancer cells have multiplied enough to be recognized by our current diagnostic systems used in conventional medicine. 

Remember, that this process of cancer has taken place for many years, basically over a lifetime of eating, drinking, breathing and applying toxic and chemical substances to the body. Most substances we use on our body are choices that we are unaware of and clueless to their tragic outcome in the future. You can make choices that can help you avoid becoming acidic and oxygen depleted. You can make a concentrated effort to avoid chemicals, but you need to understand the options available to you. The more acid you have in the body, the more sickness will breed. The more alkalinity in the body, the less sickness and disease you will experience because alkalinity increases the level of oxygen available to your cells, tissues, and blood, in which disease cannot breed. So for the most part, you have a great deal of control over sickness. Now what can you do about it?

Excerpt from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” pg 202/3

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