A Better Cancer Detox

By Dr. Gary Gautier

The body is constantly fighting off foreign invaders in your body, including cancer; however, once the immune system is highly compromised from improper diet, then disease takes over and eventually wins. 

The first symptoms of disease or illness are the warning signs (red flags) that we are in trouble. This may start with a cough, cold, sore throat, stomachache, irritability, pain, nausea, or headache but they can and will eventually get worse because you are simply missing the antibodies called to clean up and take care. 

As I have already stated, cancer cannot grow in a healthy environment because it lives and thrives in an acidic environment with very little oxygen to no oxygen available in and around the cells. This same unhealthy environment will not allow you to live properly and will open up the pathways in the body for cancer and disease to invade. Note that this is a sick environment that needs to be strengthened and the acidic pH reversed immediately or you will die! Cancer and most all sickness will flourish in this environment, so the quicker you are helping to heal thyself. 

Remember, all parts of the body work in unison. If one part is weak and dysfunctional, then this will tend to weaken the other parts, and this is a great indication that you are generally sick. Once you accept a drug/medication for the treatment of this weakness or illness, it not only causes side effects, but makes your body’s pH highly acidic, as are all medications. Acid breeds more acid, and with acid you have a lower level of oxygen! This is a very crucial point to understand how to help yourself heal because only you know when you are feeling sick or ill. Nobody knows better or more quickly than you, as you have an innate ability to sense if something does not feel right or is not working right. This, my friend, is the first indication that something needs to be done. This is not to say that the body will not correct these problems as it usually does on it’s own, especially when we are younger and healthier, but that these little warning signs that tell you that your body is dysfunctional are a red-flag to what can eventually get the best of you. This is the very way you can keep your body in check. 

You may have ignored these signals for long enough, or perhaps your lifetime. Perhaps you have allowed the MD to assist you with medications and advice to help you with these problems. Most MDs are not looking at sickness and disease in the same light, nor may I say, from a healthy standpoint. They do medicine and sick care, not allowing for natural healing and real healthcare. Oh yes, they call it healthcare but its really sick care because when you use these acidic medicines to try to induce the body to do what God has already planned out for us, it does not work from a healthy healing standpoint, emergency care excluded, of course! I have yet to see many healthy things come from most of these types of care, where you are treating disease, and especially cancer, with medicine and surgical procedures. I am not saying that people are not being helped by these procedures because they can be, but at what cost and what is the patient quality of life, even if they live and make it past these barbaric treatment approaches?

It seems very backwards to me to buy into this conventional medical plan that is you are sick, then we will poison you, cut it out, burn you or suffocate your disease. I have used conventional medicine a few times in my life and I honestly tell you that it was not necessary. There are usually many God-given alternatives for which you could use to help your body in a much healthier way without interfering with the balance and harmony of the body. You can’t use drugs/poisons and think that this is a safe nor healthy. Just because it is all man made studies, uses and promotes is not a reason to allow anyone to do these unnatural things to your wonderful body! When will you see that this is all about the money, not about your health and well being! I am not your lone bandit stuck in a society of money making, power wielding corporate greed. There are other nature based healthcare providers who will tell you I am correct in my thinking and methodology.

You are at their mercy, between all the junk and chemical based food you eat (manufactured by international food conglomerates and fast food chain companies), all the drugs, medicine and poisons you consume (big pharmaceuticals), the toxic air and environmental contaminants you breathe (chemical and oil companies), the chemical based products used on your body daily (large food, product and chemical companies), the contaminated municipal water which you either drink, prepare your food with or swim/shower/bathe in (chemical companies and large water &  power companies) and all the other companies and investors working to make money at our health’s expense! 

Not only will they deny that healthy man comes from healthy food and practicing healthy procedures, but they will suggest that God’s natural foods is nothing more than “smoke & mirrors” to discredit me and alternative healthcare in order to keep you interested in and dependant on conventional medicine. Just look at them and their health and ask yourself who you would rather be, them or a truly healthy person.

The bottom line here is that you will never be healthy unless you allow God’s gifts into your life! He has a plan, not man, and he controls all. Man may try to disprove and discredit me or the alternative ways of health and well-being but do not let that confuse you or deter you from taking control of your own health and simply being your own doctor! It’s your choice, not theirs and at this point while you are still alive to make that choice. Go with God’s plan and see how wonderful it is to be truly healthy. At 55, I have never felt younger! I have always been a highly competitive athlete and feel exactly as I did 30 and 40 years ago. Nothing has changed except I am wiser and particularly wiser to the corporate greed that will try to prevent you from being healthy and strong. 

So forget about cures, treatments, battles of health and prevention by just allowing God’s plan of mother earth’s resources to bring you where you need to be. You will not have to rely on others to help you because you will finally see that you are your own doctor, which is your God given right!

The battle against disease and the fight against cancer have been lost, long ago. The only way to win this war is to strengthen and boost your entire body’s defense system by way of being your own doctor. Most doctors do not understand these life-enhancing and life-saving methods presented in this book, nor do they care. It is not what they studied, it is not their scope of practice and it is not what they will encourage nor agree to, because it opposes the conventional mainstream healthcare as we know it today. They have learned sick care procedures like the very ones referred above to fight cancer. These procedures are neither natural nor healthy for your body. They do not promote health and longevity by keeping you alkaline, oxygenated with an optimum immune system. Everything about their care promotes acid, lack of oxygen and compromises your immune system, and your life! 

Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, was correct when he gave us our biggest clue yet in the explanation of sickness and disease, particularly with cancer. It is and always has been “all about the oxygen!” Not only did he prove it with cancer but this allowed us the vision and understanding that disease grows in an unhealthy, sickened environment! Why? Because these sick environments are acidic, meaning that they were without oxygen! Living beings will get sick and die in this chronic acid environment! 

The trick is to get as much oxygen into the body as possible through many different ways. There is only one way to strengthen the body and you will find that information on just about every page in this book. Remembering that there are no cures for diseases including cancer, and you should see that by using as many healthy and natural options as possible, you will allow your body to actually heal itself from within, the way God intended. I will reveal as many ways possible to help you get on the road of health, basically summating the most important things for you here regarding sickness and disease. 

Your decisions in life on a daily basis are either life promoting or life threatening. Believe it or not, you are continually making choices every day that impact your life. The very way you perceive these ideas will make a huge difference in your life far into the future. Simply put, you need to be conscious of everything you do throughout your day until the most mundane things you do are changed for the better, making these things habitual. Within time, you will have many health practices and procedures down pat and it will become second nature to you. However, if you choose to ignore these necessary changes, you will not accomplish optimal health and will be left exposed to cancer and many other diseases. 

Please understand that there are varied levels of wellness, as there are of sickness. As we look at a relatively healthy young person, we can see that for the most part, they are fighting most illness, sickness and disease faster and much more effectively. However, if we look at an elderly person, it is much more likely to see them fight illness, sickness, and disease much more slowly with the higher percentage of increasing sickness and disease, ultimately losing the battle by dying from these diseases.  

When you get sick and your doctor tells you that you have cancer or another major disease, you will most likely be scared and want someone or something to help you. You have to do something soon or eventually die from the disease. What you don’t really consider is how unhealthy you really are to be in this situation. I am talking from the standpoint of pH, just how oxygen depleted are you? Has this disease taken you to the point of no return? Nobody really knows; however, I think this is only a question that God can answer and he will, within time-his own time. What I am trying to tell you here is that time is now ticking on your clock. You must make a choice to do something, whether to go with the conventional medicine has to offer, do nothing or, use the God-given, healthy methods described in this book to strengthen your body, once and for all. 

You see, God has already given us the answer to disease. In my opinion, you cannot cure, treat or prevent disease nor should you, because you need to get it through your head that God did not mean for it to be that difficult. He has put all his natural resources here on earth for us to use and strengthen our bodies. Don’t waste the little time you may have with the remedies that conventional medicine has to offer. Simply use all of His natural resources to make your body strong, and then your body will have the best chance possible to fight any disease.

Most cancers are eventually discovered in life and even if you end up dying first of something else other than cancer, believe me; you still would have had cancer! It is in everyone. The initial process starts early in life and then accumulates as described above. Most diseases (infectious, degenerative, acute inflammatory reactions, including cancer) are present in the body because of this very acidic environment. Cells will become swollen with edema initially, which can then evolve into a toxic internal environment that is spiraling out of control. The first thing we need to do, in unison with many other things explained in this book, is to oxygenate the body with the highest amount of changer per second, per minute and per hour! This is how you will effectively change the abundance of acid to alkalinity immediately! pg211/215


Now that you understand how cancer works, you must feed your body all the good, wonderfully blessed food available here on earth, as this is an essential part of getting more life force oxygen and nutrients into the blood, tissues and all the cells of your body. Just as food and water gives us this super source of oxygen, so does God’s natural magnets, which have been here on earth forever and were actually used successfully many years ago. 

Please don’t look at this as treatment or therapy because, as I have continually tried to tell you, there is not a cure or therapy for cancer or any disease but a simple use of as many natural resources as you can, such as magnets and plant based life forces, oxygen rich strengthening methods. 

Doctors don’t cure you, I can’t cure you and your treatments are a waste of time. What you need to stick with is to simply consume all natural life sustaining food, antioxidants, minerals, juices, clean air and water, apply magnets, stress reduction techniques, detox/cleansings ad use clean, safe, pure products applied to your body without chemicals and toxins. This should also include stretching, some exercise (rebounding) and massage. 

One of the quickest and most powerful ways to achieve high amounts of oxygenation in the human body is by applying high-powered magnets to the surface of the body. Just like healthy food and water, magnets have proven to be very effective for what they do best and that is to assist the body to produce instant and massive amounts of oxygen for the body’s cells. This process is accomplished by placing the correct type of high powered negative magnetic field against the body, causing an instant alkaline effect to all tissues, cells and organs in the applied field of exposure. This will allow the bicarbonate buffer system to maintain a healthy, normalizing state to the cell by way of the oxidoreductase enzyme, (free radical scavenger) which not only eliminates the acids including peroxides, alcohols and aldehydes, but also release oxygen (O2) instantaneously into the tissues and organs. By now, you should recognize  that cancer will not live in this environment, as it seeks and thrives only in an acid-hypoxic (high acid and low oxygen) state. So, this process of cleaning up the body at the cellular level will allow a new alkaline-hyperoxic (low acid and high oxygen) state to subsist and normalize the functions of these tissues, cells and organs. 

As with food, magnets actually function physiologically like antioxidants, generating free radical scavengers to actually change the body’s inner environment over to a negative ionic state of well-being. This brings alkalinity to the applicable area. The trick is to expose as much of the body as possible while also focusing on weakened areas of concern. 

Remember, as stated earlier in this book that a positive magnetic field will produce acid, which creates oxygen deficit; however you need to decrease the amount of acid and increase the amount of alkalinity! There are only very few instances when you will apply a positive magnetic field to or towards your body (always use the negative magnetic field or negative side of the magnet). I do not recommend ever using the positive side of the magnet on or toward your body without a qualified health care provider administering it, as this has potential dangers which we will discuss later in the chapter. However, this application of a positive side of the magnet is very dangerous in the case of cancer and other diseases. You should eliminate as much positive magnetic fields from your direct environment as possible. This is part of the electromagnetic pollution rampant in our daily lives. These EMFs are emitted from TV, radio, stereos, computers/monitors, coffee makers, hair dryers, electrical digital clocks, cell phones, portable phones and their chargers, wireless devices (especially bluetooth), overhead lights, electrical currents in the wiring of your home or office, high voltage wires in short, all electrical devices. Now, common sense should prevail when trying to accomplish this battle of man versus these man made enemies. 

Limit and minimize your exposure to these items listed above, trying to eliminate them from your usage. Always unplug and electrical device if possible. Try to eliminate your room or sleeping area of all these electrical devices and replace your AC powered digital clock with a battery activated clock. Keep the TV and computer, portable phones, and especially the chargers, out of your room including most all electrical devices. Always keep your bed (especially metal bed frames) and your body far away from the electrical plugs. 

 The next thing you need to do is use the negative magnetic fields of magnets to offset all exposure possible from these positive magnetic fields. They will also reverse and negate much of the accumulated effects from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your body. This can be accomplished in many ways; however, first you should be sleeping on a magnetic bed pad, which you simply put on your bed mattress and place the sheets over it. It is rather comfortable and you really do not notice any difference while lying on it, as your whole body is displaced on it. Also, when sitting at work or at your computer or watching television, you should also always sit on a magnetic chair pad also called a car seat pad. Again, these magnetic pads are lined with many very powerful magnets and are usually more comfortable than what they already use. The systematic use of these magnets is invaluable to your success in creating a stronger immune system, metabolically. pg216/218





Excerpt From “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” 

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