What Foods can be Combined?

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By Dr. Gary Gautier

Peanut butter and jelly, meat and potatoes, fish and chips,burgers and fries, chicken and rice and all sandwiches made with animal protein are just a few of the typical combinations we think nothing of eating together. However, these combinations have major consequences for our digestive system. You may be saying that you have been eating this way for years and have had no problem with it. However, you only think that you are okay. Actually, your cellular metabolism is giving off millions of acid forming microforms which basically swarm your body’s blood and tissue with acid, creating yeast to spin out of control without your knowing anything about it.

The problem is we think that we can eat anything we want and that the body will take care of it for us. WRONG! We all pay a high price in health from a very early age for how and what we eat. The amount of acid that forms when mixing foods together is devastating on a cellular level. 

Obviously, the fewer foods you combine, the easier digestion will be. Simply put, mix no more than four foods from no more than two types of food groups at any given meal. Eventually you can add more veggies to your salads like I do. This is accomplished by using vegetables with a protein or vegetables with a complex carbohydrate, but never mix protein with complex carbohydrates of starch. Choose one or the other, with your meal to mix with your vegetables and salads. If for any reason you are not eating vegetables at every meal-good luck! Live raw organically grown foods are the key to health!

You can combine just about anything with vegetables, assuming its not a sweet. That means you can mix a protein OR a starch with the vegetable. Try to mix a three or so vegetables initially.

  1. Starches can be eaten with vegetables but NOT WITH ANIMAL PROTEIN, FRUITS and ACIDS. ACCEPTABLE FRUIT: RAW TOMATOES, AVOCADO, RED/YELLOW/ORANGE/GREEN PEPPERS, NON SWEET GRAPEFRUIT AND LEMONS LIMES ARE OK. So when you eat any type of grain or starch like bread, rice, pasta, noodles, squash, chicken simply choose a vegetable to go with it.
  2. Animal protein can be eaten with vegetables. So do not mix it with oils, starches, or acids but it is ok with the acceptable fruits noted above.
  3. Fruit should be eaten alone. DO NOT MIX FRUIT WITH ANYTHING! This includes juices of fruit or anything sweet with sugar. Sugar spoils anything with it, is highly acidic, and should be kept to a minimum, especially if you are on a yeast cleansing or have cancer, heart disease or any serious disease. Know that all  fruits will ferment and turn to alcohol. Acidic! 
  4. Oils can be eaten with vegetables and starches, but keep your total amount of starches low, below 20% daily. Do not mix oils with animal protein. Seeds, nuts, avocado, and extra virgin olive oil are excellent fats which can be mixed with vegetables and starches. 

Excerpt from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” pg 62/63

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