Olive Leaf Extract

A Better Cancer Detox

By Dr. Gary Gautier

Olive leaf extract is just as powerful as oil of oregano and potentially more. 

Over two million Americans are hospitalized yearly with one ailment, and actually require another while in the hospital. Just being in the hospital exposes you to a host of other infections of which you have no way of being aware. These microbes spread either in the air or from hands, equipment, instrumentation, blood or simply through interaction with many other sick people. 

The fact is that mass use of antibiotics for treatment for micro organisms is now in question, since many have mutated and built defense against these antibiotics. 

As author Dr. Morton Walker states in his excellent book, Olive leaf Extract, (by Kensington Books), “We are swimming in a sea of microbes.” These include viruses , bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Below is a list of some infectious diseases for which Olive Leaf Extract acts as an antimicrobial:

-AIDS, bladder infection, botulism, California encephalitis, chickenpox, chlamydia, cholera, colds, colds sores, pink eye, crabs, croup, diarrheal disease, diphtheria, ebola-zaire virus, E. coli, epstein barr virus, encephalitis, foodborne illness, genital herpes, gastric ulcers, gonorrhea, hand foot and mouth syndrome, hepatitis A,B,C, herpes zoster, meningitis, leprosy, lyme disease, measles, mono, mumps, pelvic inflammatory disease, pinworms, bubonic plague, polio, pork tapeworm, rabies, ringworm, retrovirus infection, salmonella, scabies, scarlet fever, STDs, shingles, smallpox, strep throat, syphilis, TB, thrush, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, UTI, yeast infections, warts, whooping cough, yellow fever and many more not listed here!

The benefits of olive leaf extract and its leaves:

-Direct stimulation of phagocytosis as an immune system response to germs of all types

-Neutralization of the retrovirus’s production of reverse transcriptase as well as protease which two enzymes are essential for the retrovirus like HIV to alter the RNA of a healthy cell

-Direct penetration into infected host cells and irreversible inhibition of microbial replication

-Interference with viral infection

-Interference with certain amino acid production processes necessary for the vitality of a specific virus, bacterium, or other microbe

Dr Morton Walker quotes Mark Konlee, editor/publisher of “Positive Health News, “ as saying that there valid alternative beliefs regarding the nature of HIV and AIDS. He stated that Dr. Robert Privitera, Jr., MS. discovered that a concentrate of olive leaves containing natural protease inhibitors, used in combination with immune modulator naltrexone LDN, both dissolved in a whole lemon/olive oil drink, reduced a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) viral load count of 58, 000 to undetectable blood levels in two weeks! These results of HIV patients using olive leaf extract were confirmed by undergoing the ELISA/ western blot blood test, in which patient HIV antibody status changed from positive to negative! You will need a medical prescription for the LDN.

Excerpt from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” Pg164/8

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