A Better Cancer Detox

By Dr. Gary Gautier

Noni extract is obtained from a fruit that has been used as an alternative medicine by the ancient Polynesians to attain health. The noni fruit has been used for centuries to treat muscle and joint pain, and it has been just as popular for use against arthritis, diabetes, allergies, digestive problems, intestinal parasites, skin disorders, and anti-aging.

Some benefits of noni are:

-Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti parasitic properties

-Lowers high blood pressure

-Helps normalize diabetes

-Reduces chronic pain, including arthritic pain

-Helps alleviate depression, stress, fatigue, tiredness

-Helps prevent abnormal growths an rejuvenates/restores sick cells

-Helps regulate digestive problems and parasites

-Is an anti inflammatory and antihistamine

-Fortifies muscles and bones

-Reduces body fat

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) works by activating enzymes and allowing the body to renew its cells and rebuild blood and tissue. This enzymatic process allows the body to absorb more nutrients. Noni regulates the health of cellular proteins, which are used in the creation of different body chemicals. 

The problem with the noni products available is that they are sweetened with sugar and other sweeteners. Also, most are pasteurized or heated, which kills the enzymes and lowers the beneficial nutrient value. I strongly suggest finding raw, organically grown noni with no heating or pasteurization process and no sugars. Acquire the most natural product and, to counteract the bitter, low sugar content, you may use stevia or chicory, a sweet natural herb and healthy harmless sweetener, as an additive. Noni products in powder and capsule form are helpful, but remember they do not have the liver enzymes that the fresh, raw, organic, unheated, unadulterated liquid forms have. 

Excerpt from “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever” pg 175/6

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