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Dr. Gary Gautier

Testing has shown that about 95% of people are deficient in iodine due to the toxicity of  modern life from toxic halides, fluorides and bromides. This toxicity can inhibit absorption of iodine and its binding into the body, leading to iodine deficiency. Most everyone has iodine deficiencies, requiring even higher volumes to raise your levels for at least three months 

In order to saturate and sustain the true proper serum levels and to detoxify your body of heavy metals. Primarily, you will want to take three months to build up serum levels to what is considered safe yet strong, as a defense for many illnesses and diseases. After a sufficient three month supply slowly cut back. 

Nascent Iodine is by far the best, most efficient type of iodine in the world. Its state-of-the-art method of supplying the body a much stronger source of iodine through a safe yet effective and efficient process of delivering iodine to the body, it stimulates it to do its job rather than merely replacing thyroid function. Seaweed, seafood, raw green leafy vegetables (spinach), wheat grass, oranges and raw sunflower seeds all help to support our natural iodine process; however, these good sources are usually insufficient to sustain proper levels of iodine in the body, most likely due to the toxicity which is exposed daily. 

The proper dosage of nascent iodine is less than that of other iodine because of its superior processing and delivery. One drop of nascent iodine= 400 mcg of 2% nascent iodine. There are approximately 480-500 drops per 1 oz. bottle. The objective here is to slowly work your way up without discomfort. If you begin to feel low energy, brain fog, or headaches, cut back on your daily amounts. Once you’ve gotten your iodine levels up, which will probably take 3-4 months, you may be able to cut back your dosage by 75% and its OK to skip a day once in awhile. However, please realize that if you are sick, you may need to adhere to the amounts for longer periods until you actually exhibit good improvement in your condition. 

Excerpt From “Heal Thyself Optimum Health Forever”  pg 219/220

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