Processed Foods

A Better Cancer Detox

By Dr Gary Gautier, pg 99

You must understand that our body’s do not recognize these foreign chemicals or toxins. They are in almost all foods, and we feel that it is okay to consume them just because they are sold. We feel that we are protected by the FDA or doctors of our society. This is where we falter! This blind faith is apparent all over the world now. Other nations, many third world countries, also trust that is the US supports and eats these foods, then the food must be okay. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! This is not true at all. So the problem really starts with your trust.

If you do not take it upon yourself to heal yourself and your family, then you are left to depend on others who basically have no knowledge of real health. Actually, you and your family are doomed! Yes doomed! It may take some years to occur, but within time you will be afflicted. You will be plagued with all the same diseases everyone else is afflicted with. Just open the obituary section of any newspaper and read what others are dying of-afflictions like cancer, heart disease, and the complications of diabetes.

You can not continue down the same road as everyone else if you want to be different than them. You must take serious effort to choose what will heal you and keep you healthy forever! This is what the basis for the title of my book, “Heal Thyself, Optimum Health Forever”.

“Heal Thyself, Optimum Health Forever”.

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